Tomato rootstock of medium vigor ideal for long cycles of cultivation in greenhouse. Securforce showed best perfomance during the cold period of the year improving both generative and fruits’ set abilities of the graft. Thanks to its balanced metabolism, the plant grows and develops in a regular way keeping unchanged and in some cases improving, the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit with particular reference to color, shape and flavor. The root system expands very quickly after the first days of transplantation with a very dense root capillice. Securforce F1 boasts one of the most complete ranges of radical resistances on the market today.

HR: Vd, Fol0, Fol1, Fol 2 (Fusarium 3),  ToMV

IR: Ma, Mi, Mj – nematodi galligeni  Pl – Radice suberosaBw

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